Artist Statement:

My love for art stems from it's ability to emotionally connect with an audience, and reflect reality through the eyes of an artist. So as an illustrator and animator my main goal is to bring a sense of life and emotion to the characters I create, as well as build an immersive world for them to live in. My vision as an artist is to work in television. I see myself working in a collaborative environment helping to make shows that push narrative in new ways, and developing characters that audiences can relate to.


My Story:

Hello my name is Daniel G. Cox, I am currently a freelance cartoonist/ illustrator and aspiring animator. My love for all things creative has always burned in me. It has provided me with a rich, eclectic past in the arts. At 7 I started screen acting with Kids Management working on shows like The Old Adventures of Old Christine and Criminal Minds, which later led to me joining the Screen Actors Guild and obtaining my own agent and manager. I am still currently acting today. I eventually moved on to 5 years of acting and singing on stage with my local community theatre: MYART. As well as 3 years of professional training from The Academy of The Performing Arts (APA). As one of the few boys studying at APA I was quickly recruited into the dance program, and I quickly fell in love. I soon joined the professional dance company: Encore under Marie Hoffman where I studied modern dance and ballet for 4 year. Through Encore I had the opportunity to travel and perform in amazing competitions like The International Prague Dance Festival, where we placed 2nd for best choreography and 3rd for best dance.

Even though I have spent my life spastically jumping between passions the one constant through line has always been my love for art and story telling. Before I could even read I got my hands on a book of Calvin and Hobbes created by Bill Watterson. I studied those pages like a bible, copying my favorite panels, even reenacting my own version of Calvin Ball. That passion carried through to all my other adventures. Now even today I consider Watterson to be my greatest inspiration.

While moving into the future with my art I want to focus on narrative while studying animation. I am focusing on more of the pre-production side of it like character design, story boarding, animatics, and the writing, rather than the study of motion.